Steroid Alternatives Legal Steroid Top Picks

Ever since the creation of bodybuilding supplements users have considered using more potent substances to better gains from their efforts in the gym. A few bodybuilding companies set to work researching and experimenting better formulas that are safe, effective and targets more than just proteins levels!

Only a few supplement suppliers were successful and managed to create a formula that could improve a bodybuilders muscle growth, strength and stamina levels. They called these new enhancement supplements “legal steroids”, because they slightly resembled the effects of steroids.

Legal steroids do not mirror the effects of steroids but they do come a close second place in terms of bulk and performance. Another important point to make is that legal steroids are formulated with natural extracts. These extracted ingredients can range from shellfish, plants, herbs and various roots. Although these extracts can be powerful they do not come with severe side effects!

But like most health products and supplements marketed on the internet, word soon spread about a new generation of bodybuilding supplements called legal steroids. Ever since other companies got to know about the legal steroid craze most of them decided to make their own versions. Since then there has been an influx of inferior legal steroids that claim to be the best and most successful.

So within this list of the “best legal steroids” we will be revealing to you the companies who are the best and original suppliers of these new type of supplements.

What Can Legal Steroids Achieve?

Legal steroids are based on the muscle and performance effects of anabolic steroids. They do not cause side effects or health conditions that we regularly hear about concerning steroids. But they do have all the positives that can be achieved with using some steroids.

Here Is A Quick Run Down Of The Benefits To Using Legal Steroids

  • All legal steroids use a mixture of plant and shellfish for safety
  • Will improve bulking, cutting and strength training
  • Should not cause any serious side effects or health risks
  • Safely helps your body burn fat, repair muscle mass, improve energy and reduce fatigue

Crazy Mass – Most Popular!

Crazy Mass was one of the original suppliers and creators of a series of individual legal steroids. They first released 6 products that could enhance a bodybuilders performance and encourage growth. Each one was capable of improving your cycle and helping you bulk, cut and strengthen muscle mass.

Since then the Crazy Mass brand has added another 4 products onto their list of legal steroids. These help with testosterone boosting and cutting cycles. Another point to make about these versions of enhancement supplements is that they can be stacked against one another to take your performance and growth to even a higher level of success.

Crazy Mass is top of our list of best legal steroids because it was one of the original creators of this new generation of bodybuilding supplements. Adding to this customer testimonials are much more positive compared to any other legal steroid on the market!

Crazy Bulk – SECOND BEST!

Second in our list of best legal steroids is a company called Crazy Bulk who released their unique formula after Crazy Mass. They have based their formula on natural ingredients and marketed them as legal steroids. Although the two brands sound similar they are in no way the same. Crazy Bulk use a totally different set of ingredients that offer the same set of results.

Crazy Bulk also offer a Stacking solution for the dedicated bodybuilders that are designed to target a specific type of cycle. Using five of their individual products they have been able to create the perfect environment depending on your cycle or stage of bodybuilding.

Steroids are and will always be a dangerous past time, they cause side effects both internally and externally. Steroids do offer results but the bad out weight the good when it comes to risking it all for performance and growth!

Other Aspects to Bodybuilding

Once you have chosen a legal steroid that you are happy with you need to concentrate on a training program. But with so many fitness gurus telling you to lift strong and finish low and other saying the complete opposite. This video features the master of bodybuilding Arnold Schwarzenegger and his famous blueprint to muscle mass. He explains what he has learnt over the years as Mr Universe and the most iconic bodybuilders of all time.

Incorporating The Correct Diet Plan That Complements Your Bodybuilding Cycle!

Once you have your legal steroids and a correct training program you are happy with. You must eat the correct diet plan that enables your body to progress depending on your bodybuilding cycle. If you are bulking then eat clean but lots of proteins. If you want to cut and define muscle mass then eat less and always choose the healthy and natural approach.

Final Word On Legal Steroids

Using legal steroids can be a hit or a miss if you do not follow our advice. Always be sure when ordering any product online that it comes from the official supplier and the product is safe and legal to use. Always take the recommended dosage and never believe that taking any more than advised will help with gains or performance.

Daily Protein Intake For Bodybuilders

One of the most controversial topics of the fitness world today is the daily protein intake a person needs to gain the maximum benefit from their workouts. The reason this turned into such a controversial issue is because there are people out there who say they can grow using 70 grams of protein, to others who say they eat as much as 250 grams or more to gain muscle.

Since every human is different their needs are always going to be slightly different. Until doctors can use genetics to tell each person exactly how much of each macro they need, only estimates can be used for the average human.

The next most common thing you hear about is the 1 gram per pound of bodyweight rule. Now this is commonly thrown daily protein requirement is said so much that people don’t even consider how much protein this can be.

If you are the average american weighing around 190 pounds, that’s like eating around 2 pounds of ground turkey, or almost 2 of the 1.15 pound packages a day! This can add up, and is eating that much protein really necessary?
Government Data And Health Institutions

On the other hand, the government provides data, and health institutes say that somewhere from 40-80 grams of daily protein intake is enough. Although this might be a good number for the population as a whole, you have to realize these are numbers for good health, including women, elderly and youth.

So as a bodybuilder or powerlifter, you have to consider the possibility that a fit male or female will need much more protein for ultimate gains, which is where the 1 gram per pound bodyweight comes into play.

One study found that professional athletes can use up to 0.9 grams of protein per pound of body weight, but once they approached 1.1 grams per pound, there was no increase in benefit.

In fact, at 1.1 grams per pound, most of the athlete’s kidney’s were struggling to filter all the protein. So since we are mostly fitness enthusiasts, not professional athletes, I think that a daily protein intake of 0.7-0.9 grams per pound is more than enough.

The huge variable comes from the fact that professional athletes have very low fat percentages to begin with, so if you have a lower lean body mass, it might be smart to consider taking in a bit less in protein since your body won’t use it as efficiently.

Although many websites say that there is no limit for protein, there is a point where you can overload your kidneys. The rule that “too much of anything can be a bad thing” is a good one to follow for all things in life. (Except Muscle Gainz Brah)
Being cautious Of Over Using Protein

A way to counteract this and get in more protein without hurting kidney’s is to eat multiple smaller meals throughout the day. If you eat around 1/6th of the amount of protein you need per day within 6 meals, your kidney will not become overwhelmed with protein, leading to an increase in absorption and less damage.

So if you want to mess around with a peak of around 0.9 grams of protein per pound, I would suggest breaking it down into smaller meals. If you can, I would suggest that you stick to around 0.7-0.9 grams of protein per pound for daily protein intake. I can guarantee that you won’t lose gains from a lack of protein eating this much. Also, steroid takers please ignore this article and just eat way more protein.